(Preorder) Fury toys Demon Force wave 1 1/12 The brother Kraden and Krynn 7 inches action figure

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Size: about 7 inches.

ETA: 2024,Q1


------------------------------Background story of the brother-------

Two brothers in the Krampus family, Kraden and Krynn.

Kraden, the eldest brother, was a fearsome monster with a double-layered mouth that extended down to his chest, and he had one mechanical hand. His body was covered in purple horns, making him a terrifying sight to behold. Kraden was one of Krampus' most reliable hunters, skilled at tracking down and capturing disobedient children and bringing them back to Krampus' territory for punishment.

Krynn, the 2nd brother, on the other hand, was a demon with deer-like antlers and a trap in his hand. He was a cunning and sly demon, skilled at creating traps to catch unsuspecting children who wandered into their territory. Krynn used his antlers to create traps and his trap to catch unfortunate children, bringing them back to Krampus' territory to await their punishment.

Together, Kraden and Krynn were valuable members of the Krampus family. Kraden was known for his strength and hunting skills, while Krynn was known for his intelligence and trap-making abilities. They had been members of the Krampus family for a long time and had shown exceptional skills in their work, becoming some of Krampus' most reliable hunters.