(2nd Payment for 1st Batch) Lim toys 1/12 RE series RE police officer S version 1/12 cloth action figure

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* Update on 11/18/21: 1st Batch (S Version) arrived!

Total price: $115 shipped, the deposit is $15, so 2nd payment is $95+$5 postage. We will ship out by 2nd  payment order.


* Update on 11/7/2021: Preorder for 1st batch sold out and now taking preorders for 2nd batch which release in Dec/Jan. 

Price for 2nd batch is same as 1st batch.


Following info is for 1st batch:

There are 2 versions:

Deluxe Version: S Version (will include all accessories)

Regular Version: A Version ( contains some basic accessories, check A version accessories photo)

Size: 1/12 scale, around 6.5 inches


S Version: Non-Refundable Deposit $15, Full price of S version: $115 U.S.A shipped 

A Version:  Non-Refundable Deposit $7, Full price of A version:  $84 U.S.A. Shipped

Estimated Release Date:   update on 11/3/21: releasing in Mid Nov,2021