(2nd Batch Preorder) Lim toys 1/12 RE series RE police officer A and S version 1/12 cloth action figure


*Update on 6/22/2022

ETA: Q3, 2022


Update on 11/7/2021:

Preorder for 1st batch sold out and now taking preorders for 2nd batch which release in late summer 2022

Price for 2nd batch is same as 1st batch.


【Following info is for 1st batch】

There are 2 versions:

Deluxe Version: S Version (will include all accessories)

Regular Version: A Version ( contains some basic accessories, check A version accessories photo)

Size: 1/12 scale, around 6.5 inches


S Version: Non-Refundable Deposit $15, Full price of S version: $115 U.S.A shipped 

A Version:  Non-Refundable Deposit $7, Full price of A version:  $84 U.S.A. Shipped