(2nd payment for preorder customer only ) XESRAY STUDIO COMBATANTS FIGHT FOR GLORY WAVE 2 (5 FIGURE SET)

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Update on 9/21/2021

This is 2nd payment for who preordered the whole wave 2 of 5 figures.

2nd payment is $193 Plus domestic shipping $16 .

Free shipping for Customers who ordered whole wave 1 at our web, you enjoy free domestic  shipping for wave 2 of 5 figure set,  please contact us 5ktoysus@gmail.com, we will manually refund you shipping fee.

The wave set gift is taped with one of boxes, please check carefully

Please use the account you paid deposit to pay the 2nd payment so we can verify it is the right preorder cutomer.  If you have any issue with the preorder account or can not pay using preorder account, please contact 5ktoysus@gmail.com for help.



Preorder listed on 2020

Full price:  $218 +shipping fee (usually U.S. domestic $10-25 depending on location)

NRD(Non Return Deposit): $25

Release date: 2021 Q1

We will contact you via email of you preorder to pay 2nd payment when product releases 

Loyal customer who ordered wave 1 gladiator will get a free shipping coupon for your 2nd wave orders  (refund shipping fee after product arrives your hand)

There is free gift of should armor piece for who order set of wave 2, shipping together with 2nd wave.


Production description:

Marcus Marius Avitus
Nickname: Victor
Ethic: Roman
City: Pompeii
Group: Brutus
Nickname: Beetle
Ethic: Gaul
City: Neapolis
Group: Calidus
Nickname: Squasher
Ethic: Celtic
City: Rome
Group: None
Gaius Pontidius Stolo
Rank: Praetorian Prefect
Ethic: Roman
City: Rome
Group: Empire
Praetorian Guards
Nickname: Jackals
Ethic: Roman
City: Rome
Group: Empire