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Beast Deities is a new series of 1/12 scale anime action figures. This toyline has been developed by experienced designers in the field of anime action figures. They have a proven track record of creating successful toy lines and have garnered a tremendous reputation for their expertise in articulation and the aesthetics of figures.

The inspiration behind the "Beast Deities" toyline draws from ancient gods, particularly those from Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, and Mayan mythologies. This series introduces articulated representations of these gods in a fresh anime style, aiming to offer unique interpretations of these divine beings.

The first wave of figures in this series features the Egyptian god Anhur. Anhur is an ancient Egyptian deity, often depicted as a warrior god with a lion's head and a human body. He is associated with themes of war, hunting, and the protective aspects of the sun. In Egyptian mythology, Anhur symbolizes strength and valor and was frequently invoked by soldiers for protection in battle.

Other gods like Chinese Rabbit warrior, Sobek is coming soon.


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